Curly Ocean (Sort industrial)

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Curly Ocean (Sort industrial)

Сообщение татьянка » Вс мар 31, 2019 11:03 pm

Сенполия Curly Ocean (Sort industrial) Очень крупные простые и полумахровые белые цветы анютки с очень-очень кудрявой синей с зеленым окантовкой лепестков. Изумрудно-зеленая волнистая листва. Стандарт.
Фиалка Curly Ocean (Sort industrial) Промышленный сорт от голландской фирмы «De Eeuwige Lente B.V.».

Saintpaulia Curly Ocean (Sort industrial) Saintpaulia Curlies Ocean is one of the nine semi-finalists in the category House Plants of the 2013 Glass Tulip Award election of Dutch flower auction FloraHolland. This new variety is bred by breeding and propagating company De Eeuwige Lente in The Netherlands. Both the leaves and the flowers are curly. “In order to avoid any legal conflicts in the name giving, De Eeuwige Lente choses now to name the variety Curlies Ocean in stead of the original Curly Ocean”, announces director Clemens Wittenberg at the occasion of the 2013 Glass Tulip semi-final.
The name Curlies will cover in the future a series of African violets with curly leaves and flowers in different colours. Wittenberg aims to market these Curlies in relatively small quantities. A more exclusive marketing should also contribute to a better image of saintpaulias.

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Re: Curly Ocean (Sort industrial)

Сообщение lednikova » Пт май 03, 2019 3:49 pm

Шикарные цветочки! Вот бы они пышной шапочкой зацвели!

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Re: Curly Ocean (Sort industrial)

Сообщение Slada » Вс дек 11, 2022 10:27 pm

Фиалка Curly Ocean. Молодая зацвела, почти стартер.
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